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SID Study Case

Using Dot Design Chat Bot
problems and challengesproblems Solutions

SID is one of the finishing and decoration companies that uses social networking sites to attract its customers and is contracted with Dot Design Advertising Company so that it can manage its social networking sites with high efficiency and increase the possibility of obtaining customers

In this article, we will show you the most important challenges that the finishing company faced and how its contract with the Dot Design company that uses the chatbot differed.


The end result of using the chatbot benefits the company in terms of speed of communication and response to the customer and providing him with the largest amount of information that…….

Solutions to problems and challenges

Dot Design provided effective solutions to the problems and challenges faced by the SID Finishing Company through the chatbot, which relies on artificial intelligence and…..

Problems and Challenges

The more widespread your field, the greater the size of your activity and the more potential customers you have, the more you need to organize your time perfectly.

Problems and challenges faced by SID Company

The more widespread your field and the larger and larger the size of your activity and the more number of potential clients you have, you need to organize a perfect time and full-time to respond to clients, but also the speed of human response was not organized or free from errors, so we will show you the challenges and problems that the finishing company faced before dealing with chatbot

Every customer has the right to trust the company he chooses to finish his unit, so one of the things that gives the customer a feeling of reassurance is that he sees the previous works, especially if it matches his unit, to feel reassured and confident in this place, and of course if someone is the one who wants Not with every client who sends him all the pictures of the company’s previous work, and even if all the pictures are sent, we will waste the customer’s time because for example, if a customer is interested in writing off a villa, sending pictures of the finishing of offices and small housing units or others, he will consider it a waste of his time and here we will be standing in front of My challenge is that we send the right photos that match the client’s project at the right time

The customer’s sense of his importance is based on the speed of your response to him and answering his inquiry firsthand. Among the challenges faced by SID Company is that if an employee is the one who responds, it is difficult for employees to be available 24 hours a day, all days of the week to respond to the customer at any time he sends Pay it to the company and follow up with each client separately

Among the things that give the customer a sense of reassurance for the company is that you know what he is thinking of without what he says, and that we, as a company, make it clear to him that we understand his inquiry and what is on his mind, and we show him what are the most famous questions that can come to his mind and answer them, and it is difficult for every customer to enter and tell you All the questions that revolve in his brain and that the employee answers them manually, question by question

One of the most important steps that companies need is customer data to communicate with them and transfer it from a potential customer to a confirmed customer. Therefore, the speed of recording the customer’s data leads to the speed of communication with him and collecting it through the employees. There is a possibility of delay or avoiding some customers

After identifying the main problems that the business suffers from and focusing on the main objective of the project, we were able to increase the number of leads collected by advertising on Facebook as a first step.


In the number of leeds collected

Our Chatbot solutions

We have provided effective solutions to the problems and challenges that the SID Finishing Company faced through the chatbot, which is based on artificial intelligence.

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The solution to this challenge lies in the fact that we send the pictures to the customer before he asks for them, and they are divided according to the sections that the customer can think of, for example, they will be divided into pictures of villas, administrative units and apartments, and so on to make it easier for the customer to choose what suits him with one click on what he wants to know.

A question will arise in our minds: How can we send the customer pictures before he asks for it, and the role of the chat bot will come to answer this question, because the first thing that the customer will face when making the decision that he is heading us through messages is, let’s get start. ) And he will send all the sections to him and the customer will choose what suits him, and the next pictures will show you that

Speed Response

Of course, the human nature is that the response will take us time to send it to the customer and that we are not available at any time and there can be a delay, but imagine that the response reaches the customer within a few seconds and the customer interacts with those answers and the question more and gain information about the company, its policy and the communication information that He needs it and accounting methods, all as a result of the speed of response. With just one click, he gets all the details he wants and at any time.

Anticipate the most popular questions

The chat bot always keeps you one step ahead, collecting the most common questions that the customer may need and that always come in the minds of most customers. Answering them before he asks himself will make him feel reassured about the company because it will indicate that the company has researched and understood the psychology of the customer and has experiences about the most questions that customers ask

The SID chatbot helps the customer with just one click to know the most popular questions and their answers

Customer data collection

The chatbot is ideal in solving this obstacle. Once you answer the questions about the data, the chatbot saves it for it and can divide it according to the interest of each customer, for example, if he owns a home, a residential unit or an office, and so on

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The end result of using the chat bot benefits the company in terms of speed of communication and response to the customer and providing him with the largest amount of information he needs so that he feels reassured and comfortable to deal with sid finishing company and choose it from among other companies in the same field, and on the other hand it is easy for the company to assemble Customer data and the exploitation of the largest number of employees in other jobs and benefit from them